Hard Surface Disinfection System
from Surfacide

Hospital staff can easily operate, monitor and validate disinfection with the Surfacide system. Our innovative design provides safe and effective disinfection in less time. Surfacide® has changed the way UV-C technology is used in healthcare. By implementing multiple light emitters in the patient environment, the Helios™ System overcomes the obstacles of using single emitter UV-C light systems.

The Surfacide Helios is an automated Triple-Emitter UV-C non-touch, hard surface disinfection system.

Surfacide has changed the way UV-C technology is used in healthcare. By implementing multiple-light emitters in the patient environment, the patented Helios System overcomes the obstacles of shadows and distance that are inherent issues with using single-emitter UV-C systems.

Surfacide’s Triple-Emitter System
vs. single-emitter systems

The Surfacide Helios Disinfection System significantly controls bacteria, spore and virus including C.diff, Acinetobacter, CRE and MRSA that are known to colonise hard surfaces in the patient environment. Why would you consider a single emitter system? when The Helios can treat an entire place in only one disinfection cycle.

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No Shadows
Three emitters ARE better than one. With three emitters operating during the same disinfection cycle, no surface is left untouched. Single-emitter systems, (including pulsed xenon gas systems) simply cannot reach all high-touch surfaces.

Less Time
Three emitters operating during the same disinfection cycle deliver more energy and disinfect the room faster than single-emitter systems. Single-emitter systems must be repositioned throughout the room up to FIVE times, resulting in a 51–146.3* minute cycle! Surfacide does not require any additional repositioning after room set up, allowing EVS to be productive elsewhere in the hospital. One cycle + efficient uniform delivery of energy results in more thorough disinfection and faster room turn-around.

Unlike unintelligent robotic Non-Touch Disinfection systems, Surfacide systems are smart systems that “see” every surface, providing confidence that disinfecting energy has been delivered to every surface. Our tablet-based data tracking system automatically provides data in real time.

Every system detects anyone entering the room and shuts off the three towers instantly, ensuring patient, visitor and employee safety.

Cost Advantage
Surfacide provides greater value than any single-emitter system on the market. With the Surfacide® Helios™ Disinfection System, a system can be implemented that contains three towers at a similar price of one single-emitter system on the market today. And, the three-towers cover all hard surface areas in one cycle.

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Benefits of using the Surfacide Helios System

  • Eliminate shadows in patient environments
  • Reduce proximity to every surface
  • Decrease disinfection time
  • Ensure complete coverage using laser validation
  • Allow concentrated disinfection of a specific area by utilising Energy Scrub
  • Are compatible with 15 or 20 amp room circuits

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